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We get a lot of questions about our menus, however as a Chinese buffet, we choose whatever produce that is freshest and it changes from time to time. Here are some photos of our typical Chinese buffet menu. We try to cater for all dietary requirements, please call us to discuss any dietary requirements we will try our best to accommodate for you. We not only service Chinese food in our buffet but we also have an Italian buffet offering on our menu. We serve customers from all over Scotland.

Do you have a favourite dish that you would like to enjoy at our buffet restaurant? Please contact us!

Our Chinese buffet in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fife strive to bring the best tasting and freshest ingredients, we only make food based on tried and tested recipes, some of our favourites include:

Please note this is subject to change and varies day to day and by location, NOT all of these dishes will be served and there is a difference between lunch and dinner. If you are unsure about a dish please call us on the day. 


Dim Sum (a selection based on availability)

Prawn dumplings

Xiu mai

Pork buns

Red bean paste buns


Soup (usually 2 or 3 served)

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken and mushroom cream soup

Hot & Sour soup

Chicken sweetcorn soup



Curry sauce

Lemon sauce

Satay sauce

Honey chilli sauce

Sweet & sour sauce

BBQ sauce



Prawn cracker

Sesame prawn on toast

Salt & pepper chicken wings

Crispy Wonton

Salt & pepper pork ribs

Mini spring rolls (Veg)

Ribs in Peking sauce

Crispy green

Chicken Spring rolls


Chicken dishes (a selection will be served)

Lemon chicken

Shredded chicken in chilli sauce

Chicken Balls

Sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style

Chicken in Peking sauce

Spicy chilli chicken

Chicken mushroom

Curry chicken

Salt & pepper chicken

Satay chicken skewers

Shredded chicken in honey sesame sauce

Chicken satay

Chicken Maryland


Beef dishes

Beef in green pepper and black bean sauce

Cumin beef


Pork dishes 

Cha siu roast pork

Kung po pork

Sausage roll


Rice & Noodle dishes

Steamed rice

Egg fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Singapore rice noodles

Thin noodles

Chicken chow mein



Teriyaki salmon (dinner only)

Salt & pepper king prawn (location dependent)

Prawn with spring onion and ginger (season dependent)

Mussels in black bean sauce

Salt & chilli baby fish



Broccoli and garlic stir fry

Green beans stir fry

Mushroom and onion stir fry


Other dishes

Cheese omelette

Delicious house made potato balls

Roast duck with Duck Sauce


Side dishes

Salt&pepper chips

Plain chips

Onion rings


Hot dessert

Toffee apple

Toffee banana

House made bread pudding

Custard Sauce

House made french apple pie


Pizza & Pasta section

Pizza peperoni

Pizza garlic

Chicken nugget

Fish batter


Fish finger




Egg salad

Potato Salad

Romaine Lettuce

Tomato cheese salad

Purple cabbage

Cooked chicken


Cocktail sausage

Cocktail onions

Sweet pickled beetroot

Pitted green olive



Cakes (a selection will be served)

Banoffee Gateau

Chocolate Fudge Gateau

Double Chocolate Gateau

Mini vanilla rolls

Strawberry Cream Cheesecake

Mandarin Cream Cheesecake

Black Forest Kirsch Torte



Ice cream

Soft serve ice cream

Vanilla ice cream

Mint Choc Chip ice cream

Strawberry ice cream

Chocolate ice cream


Other desserts

home-made jelly

fruit selection


Salmon and teppanyaki for dinner only


We are fully licensed and offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including bottomless soft drinks. We also offer Chinese tea and Tsingtao.


View of Chinese buffet area Someone taking a portion of noodles from the buffet bar A selection of Chinese buffet foods served on a spread of white plates View along a Chinese buffet bar with people serving food Close up of Chinese buffet food with someone picking a pancake roll Plate of sushi

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