View Reopening Update

Reopening Update

Safety Route Map We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at Beijing Banquet to make sure that when we reopen our restaurants, they will be as safe as possible and in accordance with the latest government guidelines. We have implemented new measures to help keep our staff and customers safe. We also have some small…

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View Venue Hire Edinburgh

Venue Hire Edinburgh

Whether you’re planning an intimate party or a large event, our Sighthill restaurant offers the perfect venue hire in Edinburgh. We held a post-wedding luncheon buffet recently for over 100 guests on a summer Saturday. The party was hosted in a function area of our restaurant. The party consisted of guests from all over the…

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View Event Spaces in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Event Spaces in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Event Space A look at the event spaces in Edinburgh and Glasgow and karaoke rooms in our restaurants which are available for private hire throughout the year. Yes, we are usually open 364 days a year! Whether you want to sing or not, our private event spaces are perfect for added privacy and group entertainment….

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